DEMISTOL is characterized not only by quality and brand products, but also by numerous services and customer-oriented thinking. By qualified personnel, individual advice and constant further development of our products, we do everything to meet your needs. For each year the latest requirements of the market to be able to correspond to the “highly intensive concentrate” of the brand DEMISTOL constantly further developed.

The economic points probably most effective in our products is that our “highly intensive concentrate” from a minimum proportion of water, cleaning only active substances make enormous dilutions possible. Therefore, with dilutions of 1:350 up to 1:1000 with ease to remove even stubborn dirt. Buy “highly intensive concentrate” of the brand DEMISTOL and enter your water percentage cheap self.

Would like to inform you about our specialist staff special cleaning systems, or let yourself be individually for your business advice. If required, our development team also like new cleaner on their pollution adapted.